Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Past Baby Quilts

I began quilting about 2 years ago. I had "learned how to quilt" in my textiles class in high school, but we only made one patch each, about 9 or 12 inches squared. So when my sister was pregnant with my nephew, Hunter, I tried my hand at a simple quilt in blues.
I used what fabrics I had laying around (I love the color blue), and I even embroidered his name on the border, although I apparently didn't take any close up pictures. For this quilt, since it was my first, I stuck with straight lines and merely quilted along the diagonals. But Katie said it was just the right size for covering up the car seat/ carrier, and even at 2 years old, it is one of the blankets that Hunter carries around with him (Although I doubt he likes it better than his Cars blanket. This Saturday, my sister and her friend are bringing over their boys (one each) and Uncle Tom is going to watch the kids while I instruct Katie and Christy on sewing. Katie wants me to help her make some Cars curtains, and she also found some cars fabric for a blanket/comforter. Christy, I believe, wants to make a purse or diaper bag, but we'll see. I haven't made any diaper bags yet, though I have made a few bags and purses in the past.Just after this quilt, when my friend from college was pregnant with a girl, I made another quilt, this time with pinks and purples. I again embroidered her name. I can't seem to find any pictures of this quilt on my computer, but if I find them or can get my friend to send me some, I will post them here. Then, it seemed everyone was having baby girls. Some friends down here in Texas, (whom I didn't know well, but we were going to be moving in with them when we moved down until finding our own place) Had a baby girl this past March. She was several months old when we came down, though I'd made the quilt a while before we moved. I unfortunately cannot find any pictures of that quilt either right now. I feel like I'm forgetting another girl quilt somewhere in there as well.

Anyways, when I mentioned making baby quilts to Mary, one of the ladies I worked with at Truebite, she got so excited about it because she had a friend from church who was pregnant and having a girl. So, I took a custom order and made this quilt:
This time, I made my own flower template and quilted flowers- a bit harder and more time consuming, but worth it in the end. (I have not, as yet, done any machine quilting except for a couple of cloth coaster sets for Etsy. All of the baby quilts I've done have been hand quilted, and all embroidery is by hand as well)
Well, Mary loved it, and I believe her friend did too. And yes, the baby's name was Destiny Hope:
My cousin Joanne was due in August, and not long after moving to Texas, we received not an invitation to the baby shower (they live in NC), but a card asking us to send a picture and advice or memories for Joanne's memory book, which I thought was a really cool idea. But still, it had been a while since I'd been able to sew (and we were living in a friend's house- I spent most of my time in our bedroom, or in the office next door where our computer was set up since the girl we were living with had a day care set up downstairs with a couple of 2-3 year olds and her own infant). Despite the lack of room and not having access to my sewing desk, I set up the sewing machine on the computer desk and went to work. This was the result, and I was most happy with it:
This was my first appliqué quilt, and actually my first use of the technique since the aforementioned high school textiles class 7 or 8 years ago. The eye and hair, and other accents were again, hand embroidered.
I was afraid it was a bit too plain, so I again quilted small flowers around (this time without a template). This picture does not do the quilt justice as I didn't have very good lighting.
My cousin loved it. In her Thank You card, she told me how she started crying when she opened it and just couldn't stop. Since then, she has bought a frame or rack of some sort especially for it, and has hung it on the wall of the nursery. She told me it's the first thing people see and comment on when visiting. I love knowing how much she enjoyed this gift. It gives me the warm fuzzies.
Upon finding a church we liked in Austin (Austin Cornerstone), we met a couple who was expecting (very soon!). And while we have yet to get together with them for a dinner or other get together as we have attempted planning a couple of times, I decided I wanted to make a quilt. I wasn't quite quick enough, but he was only about 2 weeks old when I got it to them!

When I decided to do the quilt, I pulled out all my blues and realized I had a lot with stars on them, and so that is what I stuck with. I think it came out wonderfully as a theme and I loved this quilt so much I almost didn't want to give it away! (The fact that I'd put his name on it made the decision ;) This time, in addition to some stars in the darker squares, I kept to quilting simple diagonals again, but it really went with the fabrics and patchwork.
And, in addition to his name, I also embroidered around a couple of the stars in the fabric to highlight them.
Wow, looking back through all of these and thinking about baby quilts, I'm starting to wish I had one to go work on!

I'm willing to take custom orders, so feel free to respond here! :)

Well, thats all for now.

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