Friday, April 2, 2010

Cheap flight tickets!

Well, I feel pretty good. After searching and watching the prices of flight tickets fluctuate but never low enough for the last month or two, I finally stumbled across some tickets into Newark for $202 a piece (Thats including all taxes and fees but baggage!). Newark wasn't our first choice but with the difference in ticket prices being $100-150 a ticket higher in Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, Buffalo, and even more in any other remotely close airports, I decided to jump on these when we had the chance. I'm blessed with a wonderful mother who, despite abhorring cities - NYC in particular- agreed to come get us in Newark to bring us back to Vestal in June!

It's not an optional trip- it's for my husband's little brother's wedding, (whose birthday also happens to be today!), so no matter what we were going to be going up because we really wouldn't want to miss it, plus Tom is a groomsman and probably going to be doing a reading as well- it's just good to know we were able to get a deal and save probably as much as possible.

I'm also excited that my long time friend is going to be having a baby shower while I'm up, which I sort of helped plan the timing on while commenting to her status on facebook (what a world we live in, eh?). So I'm going to be busy. I've been working on a diaper bag (though not for her, for sale), and lost interest in it, but I'm going to be in the spare room in a sewing fury! I have this diaper bag to finish, a dress to make for myself for the wedding, a gift for Iris' shower, and maybe even Tom's other shirt if I have a chance. and just 2 months to get everything done.

Plus, we've been looking at houses. If we can get the financing to work (hitting some snags there...) we'll be putting an offer on a house we saw the other day. I fell in love with the big and plenty windows and Tom liked it too. It'll need some work, but not necessarily major, and it's livable until we have the chance to work on it, so it'll all depend on how financing and offering goes- then the inspection...and of course, my worst fear right now is that someone else will buy it out from under us...but it'll be ok if that happens. We'll figure things out- we always do!