Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Etsy and Artfire

My Etsy store is up and running. I’ve only got 6 things up right now, but I plan on putting more things on (I have more things made, just didn’t have time right now to put them on yet). I’m also on ArtFire- it’s entirely free for a basic account- no listing fees, no commission (Etsy has both). The only fees are a once a month fee of $12 IF I decide to upgrade. Currently I’m only able to list 12 items at a time on there (Thus the limits of the basic account), but I figured I’d sort of do a test run on both and see how it goes. So here’s all the information- Spread the word!

I’m calling my shop Loni’s Little Treasures (on both websites you can’t have any spaces, so if you go to or and search for me, just run the three words together and take out the apostrophe)

Etsy shop:

Artfire Shop (Nothing up here yet but I’m hoping to change that very soon!):

I made a new email as well specifically for my selling purposes, so add it to your address book and if anyone wants to contact me specifically for buying something or for requesting a custom item, they should use this one.:

Please let friends, family, coworkers, etc know about my shop. I need to network to get any sales, and the more word that goes out, the better. Help me make this dream come true! Or if you'd like to buy something yourself, please contact me directly through this blog or through the email above and we can work things out, or go to the Etsy or ArtFire shops to buy instantly.

And, if you have a chance, look at both shops and let me know what you think- I'll take any constructive criticism seriously.

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