Friday, March 5, 2010

More Books in 2010

I've read 4 more books since I last updated about them:

-The Other Queen, By Philippa Gregory- I have read 5 or 6 other books by Gergory and this is the only one I didn't absolutely love. I'm not sure if that is due to the changing first person perspective every couple of pages or due to the fact that I had very little prior knowledge of Mary, Queen of Scots. I usually like multiple perspectives, but this book fell a little flat for me. The White Queen, The Queen's Lover, and The Other Boleyn Girl are books I heartily recommend.
-The Guardian, by Nicholas Sparks- This definitely was not what I am used to with Sparks. He combines romance with thriller- but it totally works! My only wish was that I'd like to know more about what happens after the climax. This kept my heart racing, but also had the tender teary moments one is used to when reading sparks. I liked it.
-Chinese Cinderella, by Adeline Yen Mah- A Heartbreaking story, but I'm not sure I'd equate it to Cinderella. I'm a huge fan of Cinderella variations and even did a paper on them in college (That Folktales and Fairy Tales class was awesome), but while Yen Mah was an unwanted child, she always had her aunt, and there were also siblings from the same mother that shared her plight, albeit not to the same extent. Still a great read (and a quick read- I read this in less than a day). I've added Yen Mah's "Falling Leaves" to my books to read list.
-Survival in Auschwitz, by Primo Levi- This was not what I'm used to for concentration camp survival stories. While Levi goes through what the camp is like and what happened, that takes the back seat to his analysis of how they survived, what they thought as prisoners, and essentially, how humans can treat each other as the Germans treated the prisoners, but even more so, how the prisoners treated each other. I'd love to see a female perspective written in the same way. Very well written!

That brings me to a total of 8 books so far. I haven't yet picked what I'll be reading yet, but I've crafts to do!

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