Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Books I've read in 2010

I've always been intrigued by the 50 book a year challenge that I see as resolutions during the beginning of the year. Technically, I have read 50 books in one year, if you include the children's books I had to read for my Children's Lit class at Houghton- some of them were picture books, and some chapter books, but you had to read a total of 45 over the semester. But at the time I didn't even know about these types of reading challenges. I may have read 50 books last year, but I didn't keep track.

I'm not really going to be doing a 50 Book Challenge, as I'm already quite behind and it is more pressure than I need right now. With trying to make and sell crafts, watching our friends' one year old during the afternoons, and trying to find a "real" job for steady income (I could probably get one if I wasn't so picky, but I want one I like. I'd hate to go back to retail. ), I don't want the pressure of reading a certain number of books as well.

But this year, I'm going to keep track of the books I've read.

So far this year, I have read:

-Sense and Sensibility, by Jane Austen- this was a reread for me. The others in my book club (we total only 3 people, but we have fun!) wanted to read all of the Jane Austen books and this was our second one- we read Pride and Prejudice in October or November.
-The Once and Future King, by T.H. White- I liked this- it was my first serious trip into Arthurian legend. I found the first part dragged for me because I knew the story of the Sword in the Stone, but after the first part it picked up. Not my favorite read, but not bad either. If you like knights and quests, it's pretty good.
- Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte- again, a reread for me. We're doing every other book a Jane Austen and then something else between for the book club. We have yet to discuss this one but I'm sure I have much to say. I love Bronte's descriptions and I think this has become one of my favorite books on this second reading (and for me, that's saying something. I don't usually pick favorites when it comes to books- that's like picking a favorite child.
- Daughters of Fortune, By Tara Hyland- This was a first novel for Hyland and Simon and Schuster UK was kind enough to send it to me to review. My review is already on this blog, so if you would like particulars, visit that entry. Overall, I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to more from Hyland.

I'm on another book currently (Though, when am I not on another book? I guess I mean I'm close to finishing my next book), so maybe I'll be able to add to my list soon!

I'm in the middle of a big handful of projects right now for my Etsy and Artfire stores- my mind is filled with crocheted berets, Settlers of Catan lapghans, hooded baby blankets, a baby quilt, coasters and more. Perhaps I should schedule one day as a "finishing project day" and just hunker down and get some things done!

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